Feeling Disconnected? Join My 7 Day Chakra Challenge!

You need a yoga system that cares about the whole you (not just the yoga pose you can do). Take the time to reconnect by joining my free 7-Day Chakra Yoga Challenge.


P.S. Want more details? Keep reading. 

What is the Chakra System? Explain.

It's a system for wholeness that provides a step-by-step template for healing and transformation. There are seven chakras in the body and each one is responsbile for managing different energetic experiences that we encounter on a daily basis.  

In my free 7-Day Chakra Challenge, you will be introduced to each chakra through uniquely designed yoga classes that aim to awaken, energize, and balance your energetic system (take a sneak peak at the seven classes just below this!). 

 At the end of the challenge, you will not only feel reinvigorated and reconnected, but also confident to move forward and continue using the chakra system!

Ready for the 7 Day Chakra Challenge?

I can't wait to introduce you to the system that's transformed my life and so many others. Sign up today to get started!


Meet Your Yoga Teacher

Allie is a woman on a quest to live her journey and help others live theirs too. She is a wife, teacher, leader, and world traveler who began her yoga journey in 2010 which was the start of a revolution.  

Allie is the creator of The Journey Junkie community, an online gathering of like-hearted individuals who share in the desire to evolve their existence, heal their pain, and support one another through the process. She leads international chakra yoga retreats that share the energetic system through an immersive, relatable, and meaningful experience. Allie’s work is rooted in our birthright to feel whole and she uses the yoga practice and the chakra system to guide her community in returning home and feeling whole - body, mind, and soul. For more information, please visit thejourneyjunkie.com.